The Spinal Column


Our vertebral is shaped as a "C" during the pregnancy and the first few months of life.

After learning how to crawl and how to "lift your head", the vertebral develops itself into the natural "double-S shape" that it has. Thus, the vertebral becomes 16 times stronger than if it were in a straight position.

Ideal -Curves of the Vertebral

A vertebral should have three distinct curves from the side- and should be perfectly straight in the back- shoulder and pelvis as well.

This is how you can keep your vertebral pain-free

Think about the fact that your vertebral is "tendon and muscle- secured". The loosely stacked vertebras protect your entire main nerve strands that lead back and forth to the brain- our central switch board- that supply all and truly all of our organs. KIf it comes to displacements of the vertebras (e.g. through scoliosis, one-sided short legness, after falls, etc.), then the information from the brain- or the answer back to the organ- may not be transported correctly, blockages occur, muscle pain and in unfavorable cases it can lead to organ difficulties such as gastritis, bladder infection, constipation and much more.

The best way to solve these blockages (chiropractically) is to try to readjust the vertebras so that they correspond with each other again. The pain eases shortly after, even though it can take a little longer until the muscles and tendons become stabile again.

Don't you also want your vertebras to look like this?