• Markus J.H. Harbort


My name is Markus J. H. Harbort and i would like to give you an overview over the methods of treatment and therapies in our practice.
Our emphasis is with manual therapies, especially chiropractic and osteopathy, as well as the treatment of infants and young children.
For a more detailed overview, please visit our sites on Disease Patterns, vitalistic Chiropractic, Spinal Cord and Treatments.

My personal information:
Birth year: 1955, graduation from high school: 1976. 1976-1978 studies in the USA, New York: Biology, pre-med., first contact to chiropractic. Until 1984: Medical studies in Berlin and Kiel. School for Naturopathy-Degree:Hp. Courses for chiropractic at the same time. Internship and assistant to Dr.H-J.Häger, D.C.-founder of the "Verband Graduierter Chiropraktoren Deutschland e.V.".

End of 1985 he took over his Clinic in Bremen. A lecturer for the B.D.H. (Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker, e.V. = Federation of German Healers) since 1987. Initiator for postgraduate courses in chiropractic in Bremen. Board of Directors for the DAGC.e.V. (German-American Chiropractic Association) www.DAGC.de Clinic still in Bremen. Intiated the www.chiropracticworldtour.com

Possesses an elaborate collection of specific technical literature especially from the USA.